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Monday, April 7, 2008

ANT+Sport Alliance Member List

I have been looking for ANT+Sport alliance member list for a while. Finally a friend of mine share this picture with me that he took on CES show early Jan of this year. I do not know why to get this list requires so much efforts. Even on their website, I can hardly find any useful information regarding ANT+Sport alliance, except for the news release on Mar 6th claiming 43 members. It looks like ANT is still playing a low-key game, even though they have a strong Garmin in the back.

If you feel difficult to read the picture, here are the companies:

Commercial Members (shipping/announced now)
Garmin, Trek, Bell Blackburn, VDO Cyclecomputing, Ciclosport, Quarq, iBike, Saris, SRM, Beurer, Cosmed, Concept 2 Rowing

Partners in Early Development (shipping soon)
timex, Acumen-Vetta, Zephyr, Team Fain HK, Nielsen Kellerman, IN2 Rowing, WEBA Sport, New Leaf, Ammaxon, Falcom, Lifechek

3rd Party Developers
Dayton Ltd HK, IDT International Limited, Xelic Inc USA, Microprocessor Designs USA, Sage Consultants Australia, Tecscience AG Germany, Latitude Ltd. HK, Professional Design Partners USA, A Kean Design USA, Sportrac Netherlands, Cortex Biophysik Germany, Artis LLC USA, Blatand Germany, Sustact Netherlands, Direction Technologists TW, Spark HK, ATech HK, Tara Systems Germany, Magin Pty Australia

There are 42 members on this picture.

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