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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ANT+Sport - an Alliance has 43 members

Again, stealthily ANT achieved something big. ANT+Sport is an alliance and has more than 43 members, including Garmin, Timex, SRM, Trek, Beurer and Quarq.

It was announced Mar 6th, but nowhere to be seen except on their website. I feel pity for ANT as this is a really milestone comparing to the "vapors" and hypes around Wibree. Certainly, you can not compare this with the more than 1000 members of Bluetooth, but measuring by the marketing effort, awareness and budget vs. the achievement, it is still quite amazing. When did I first hear about ANT+Sport or even ANT? Not more than a year. There must be something in this technology that makes it today. This something is truly for products and solutions, not for the media.

Unfortunately, I failed to search out a full member list by Google.

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