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Thursday, January 10, 2008

What to See in 2008

Late 2007 should be the time to preview what will happen in 2008. I have not seen a report in the wireless sensor network arena. No pressure of missing the target, I'd like to list several focusing points where interesting and exciting events may happen.

  • Head to head competition in personal sensor network: Bluetooth ULP vs. ANT
  • Head to head competition in home automation: Zigbee vs. Zwave
  • Head to head competition in industrial automation and control: Zigbee vs. DUST
  • Any milestone of Bluetooth ULP: protocol release (was scheduled in 2007) and sample chips
  • Destiny of Zigbee: Zigbee Pro announced 2007 is not backward compatible, however many proprietary solutions also based on 802.15.4 emerged, including DUST, MiWi.
  • Will the WSN market see somewhat integration or further enlarged segmentation? who can achieve the task that Zigbee has not achieved.
I am also hoping to see any new innovative and eye-opening technologies

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