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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Welcome the New Era

Wireless Sensor Network is really getting hotter and hotter. From the launch of Zigbee several years ago to the recent event of Wibree joining Bluetooth, plus a lot of movements from companies owning proprietary solutions, all of these events proves a new technology hype has started to play on the stage from under the ground - Hey, there is even a proprietary protocol named ANT.

Most of these solutions are short range radio running on license-free frequency bands(2.4G, 900M and etc.) , claiming "ultra" low power, claiming mesh capable, low data rate in nature of sensor.

Applications are quite diversified from our daily life such as home automation, sports and fitness, to civil construction and industry such as building infrastructure monitoring, and to military battle field monitoring. In different applications, different terms and acronym is used, e.g. PAN for Personal Area Network, BAN for Body Area Network, as well as WCN, Wireless Control Network.

This blog is dedicated to these newly emerging technologies and applications, as well as those companies and organizations who are driving and riding on the wave.

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